“The bird, the pin, the song, the berries, the watch, the cracker, the dress that burst into flames. I am the mockingjay" - The style of this quote is very interesting. It lists different things which symbolize multiple events throughout the book that led up to this moment. The style enhances the quotation because it catches the readers attention. It stands out because of the unique style it was written in. Also, the last line represents symbolism, and she is the face of the rebellion.

“This is no place for a girl on fire” - This quote is when they get the first look at the arena. They are all surrounded by water on their pedestals. It goes back to the first Hunger Games when she wore the flames during the parade. This represents symbolism, as she is known the the people in the Capitol as The Girl on Fire.

At the beginning of the book, Katniss thought she was free. Her survival in the games ensured that her family would never starve again. However, as her past catches up to her, she needs to face it in order to keep her loved ones safe. Her relationships with Gale and Peeta gradually become more and more complicated. Once she discovers that she will be participating in the next games as well, her outlook on her life changes. While she the mockingjay of freedom for many people, she decides that she does not care about living anymore. This is because she feels like an encaged bird; she is just a pawn that the Capitol controls. Her goal in the games is to keep Peeta alive. This is a big change for her from the beginning of the book. Previously, she never even talked to Peeta once they won the 74th Hunger Games. Now, she is willing to lay down her life for the person she had a fake relationship with.

'Mockingjay of freedom' and 'she is just a pawn' are both metaphors.
'Encaged bird' is an oxymoron because birds are viewed upon as free, and encaged is the opposite.


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