Celie’s relationship with Shug is a strong reason why she would support a boycott of the Olympics. At the beginning of the book, Celie was afraid to stand up for herself (Walker). However, after she met Shug, many things changed (Walker). Shug taught her to stand up for herself and acted like a sister to her. If she had never met Shug, then Celie would have never become the confident woman that she was at the end of the book. Throughout the book, their relationship gradually grows stronger, such as when Celie states “[we] sleep together like sisters, me and Shug” (136). Celie would never support anti-gay discrimination because she loved another woman. Supporting the Olympics would mean that she is going against what had encouraged her to become an independent person instead of allowing people such as her father and husband to continue abusing her. Celie’s relationship with Shug inspired her and she would never be against allowing people to have the same experience that she had.


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