I both agree and disagree with this article. In many cases, security has gotten to the point where people’s freedoms and privacy are being unfairly taken away. I personally have never had any real problems with security, but many people I know have. However, in other cases, it is understandable how privacy is taken away for the sake of security. For example, security in airports is extremely tight and they do not hesitate to search either you or your bags, even if the reasons do not make much sense. But when many lives are at stake, it is understandable why people’s privacy will be taken away if they look even the slightest bit suspicious. While most people will complain and argue that it is unfair, I believe that in certain cases it is reasonable to have some privacy taken away in order to better ensure our safety.

I found this story pretty interesting. It took me a little while until I realized that it was about racism. I was able to identify the tone of the story, but it was a little harder to think of the symbols. I think that when I read a story I need some time after to think about it in order to realize what it’s actually about and to understand the symbols and tone. I used the visualize reading strategy. It did help, but not too much. Next time I might try using a different strategy. When reading stories, I need to improve on understanding the story as I read it. This would help me to save time after because I would already know the facts in order to answer the questions.

I believe that Stephen Fry has some strong points when it comes to the situation in Russia and the Olympics. So many more people in the world today are becoming openly gay, even some professional athletes that participate in the Olympics. If the games do take place in Russia and their laws are enforced, it will cause many people around the world to become angry towards the Russian government. Also, like what Stephen said, the Olympics won’t be the same after people are discriminated either watching or participating in the games. I believe that it will decrease the number of people who want to travel to watch the Olympics. This is because if people are discriminated against at the games, then people will believe that they will be also if they go to the next one. It may even decrease the number of athletes that are willing to compete.