"By the time I make it back to the fence that surrounds District 12, the sun is well up. As always, I listen a moment, but there's no telltale hum of electrical current running through the chain link". This quote shows that the district in which Katniss lives is quite poor compared to the others. As well, it appears more laid back due to the supposedly electrified fence always being off. This allows her to be able to leave the district whenever she wants because she can easily get through the outer fence.

"...in the woods, with its fresh air and sunlight and clean, flowing water". This quote talks about what it is like outside of the district. This is where Katniss likes to go during the day in order to hunt. She feels free in the woods and still enjoys hunting even though her family now has more than enough money to support themselves.

The mines in the district are essential to the setting. They are the main occupation of the district, as they are required to supply coal to the others and to the Capitol. The woods outside of the district show that it is surrounded by wilderness. This helps enhance the mood, especially of Katniss, as she has a place outside of the poor district where she has more freedom. The season at the start of the book is most likely winter. This is because snow starts to fall early on into the story. I believe that this helps to make the district appear more home-like, as snow is usually related to Christmas, which is thought of as home and family. The environment between the characters is complicated. Katniss and Peeta do not talk often and attempt to avoid each other. However, as they prepare for the Victor's Tour, they must pretend that they are in love in order to help stop other districts from revolting against the Capitol.


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