“As a reminder to the rebels that even the strongest among them cannot overcome the power of the Capitol, the male and female tributes will be reaped from their existing pool of victors”. I chose this quotation because it sets the rest of the events in the book. It is a crucial conflict because Katniss is going back into the games. She barely survived the first one, and suffered plenty of emotional trauma. This second trip into the arena will surely change her as a person.

“Then suddenly, as I was suggesting I take over the daily snare run, he took my face in his hands and kissed me”. This is a major conflict in the book because it shows that there is still a romantic side to Katniss and Gale’s relationship. It creates many problems for Katniss, as she is supposed to pretend to be in love with Peeta. As well, she doesn’t even know how she feels about either of them. The problem of Katniss’s decision between Peeta and Gale is the main conflict of her personal life.

“President Snow pays victor Katniss Everdeen a visit” - This headline depicts the conflict between President Snow and Katniss. Her scheme in the games with the berries caused unrest in the other districts, which required Snow to tell her to convince everyone that it was not an act of defiance.

“Victors are no longer safe; Quarter Quell endangers the lives of the protected” - This headline is about how Katniss is required to go back and participate in the 75th Hunger Games. This is a conflict between the protagonist and the Capitol. Since she is the symbol of the rebellion, they had to make a statement to show that the Capitol still has absolute control over all the districts.

“Are the Star-Crossed lovers really what they seem?” - This headline is about how Katniss does not know who she really loves. Her relationship with Gale is complicated, but has potentially reached a new level once they are reunited after her life threatening experience. However, her time in the games has allowed her to connect with Peeta, and their pretended love has damaged her emotions.

“Breakout at the 75th Hunger Games” - This headline talks about how Katniss is rescued from the games at the end of the book. It determines what is going to happen in her life from then on. The conflict created from this moment is the decisions that she is going to have to make later on. These decisions will either save or end lives.

“District 12 disintegrated” - This headline creates a major conflict for Katniss. Her hometown was destroyed by the Capitol. The emotions she would feel discovering this after waking up from her injuries would be drastic. The conflict would be overcoming her emotions. Whether she likes it or not, Katniss plays a big roll in the rebellion, and she can’t afford to make bad decisions based on negative emotions.



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